docTrackr offers the most unique and flexible information security solutions. Our technology enables comprehensive end-to-end document protection, integrates seamlessly with existing DRM offerings, and supports flexible identity management solutions.

DRM Solution

Document Protection

docTrackr’s document protection is among the most comprehensive security technology available. Our solutions can augment existing rights management tools, or function as a stand alone application. Compare our document protection features including powerful and user-friendly rights management.

DRM Integration

docTrackr acts as an integration partner for third party services such as Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Outlook. Learn how docTrackr integrates DRM technology into the file sharing and management solutions you already use.

Identity Management

Our technology integrates seamlessly with existing identity management systems. Clients can also employ docTrackr’s custom identity management solution. Read more about docTrackr’s identity management options, including SAML Based IDP, SSO Solutions, and custom identity federation. See docTrackr’s complete offering of Identity management features.