docTrackr’s document analytics help salespeople close more deals. Follow up with prospects that open, share, or print your materials more frequently than others. docTrackr’s document tracking enable you to determine which leads interact most heavily with your sales presentations, marketing materials or proposals. Our reports allow you to close deals more efficiently while keeping documents secure.

Track Deals and Documents

Determine Your Most Engaged Leads

Focusing on your most engaged leads can help you save time, and improve the efficiency of your sales team. docTrackr’s document usage tracking helps you find leads faster with our analytics and tracking tools.

Track document usage after you’ve sent sales documents, proposals or other information to a potential lead. Determine the activity a lead has taken on your documents, so you know how interested they are in your product or service. See who has opened, edited, and printed your sales materials.

Ensure Clients are Viewing Your Documents

Ensure clients are doing their due diligence with the data you send them. See if a prospect or partner has viewed documents prior to an important sales meeting. Gauge interest in deals and get context around what documents clients have or have not read.

Close More Sales with Usage Analytics

docTrackr’s powerful document analytics let you track usage by location, user, duration viewed, document shares. Use docTrackr to determine which proposals or contracts are viewed and who they are shared with. Document reporting will inform your follow-up actions; a sales call or additional correspondence.