Important financial documents including forecasts, government filings or tax information must stay secure to ensure compliance, and prevent costly data loss incidents. docTrackr’s powerful file encryption and management keeps financial data under control – wherever your employee’s might access it.

Secure Financial Documents
Prevent Loss of Financial Data

Personal mobile devices and cloud services improve productivity, but increase the risk of losing that confidential profit and loss statement. Securing your confidential documents at the file-level prevents employee misuse or loss of documents through an accidental email or lost mobile device.

Track tax filings and other sensitive financial information to prevent access from certain locations. docTrackr enables you to revoke documents after a specified time, so you can prevent access to financial documents after meeting with clients or stakeholders.

docTrackr allows you to manage access to financial documents regardless of location. That means your employees can collaborate on them anywhere, without losing control.

Get Full Audit Reports

Log all actions taken on financial documents to ensure your firm is within the law. Draw on audit logs to see who is working on a sensitive government filing. With docTrackr, you’ll know when, from where, and for how long a sensitive document was accessed. With the ability to change permissions a financial report in just a few clicks your document will always be within your control.

Ensure Compliance

Companies with sensitive client documents such as tax forms, financial reports and bank account information have an obligation to protect it, or face financial penalty. However, with the explosion of personal devices in the workplace, it’s never been easier for a document to wind up on the wrong device.

Use docTrackr’s file-level security to protect important financial documents regardless of the device they are accessed on. So your documents are never outside of your control.