Collaborating securely on important intellectual property, financial data and other sensitive documents is a core part of doing business today. docTrackr helps businesses prevent data loss and ensure competitiveness, without reducing their ability to collaborate.

Ensure Competitiveness

Businesses rely on their proprietary designs and process to stay competitive. docTrackr’s powerful document security technology enables you to share important company intellectual property, without risking that data’s loss or misuse. Once you’ve secured your documents with docTrackr, you can share that product design or specification sheet confidently with clients or co-workers. Your information will stay secure with docTrackr’s powerful document analytics and tracking.

Prevent Data Loss

Secure critical business information in an environment that is no longer limited to the company network. Sharing a company strategy presentation with a remote employee or an investor can put data at risk through a misplaced device. With docTrackr, your documents are secured at the file level, preventing data loss wherever that confidential investor report was accessed.

Ensure Client Confidentiality

Ensure that confidential P&L; statement can only be viewed for a few days after you’ve shared it with a potential investor. Use docTrackr to set view only, or edit permissions on documents based on the use case of the recipient. With docTrackr’s document tracking tools, you can ensure documents are being used properly, even after you’ve sent them.