Remotely Destroy Documents

The ability to remotely destroy a shared document is critical to maintain document control and security. As part of the normal course of business, important legal and financial documents are accessed, shared and copied by multiple people in various places. Unintended results of this sharing and collaboration include data leaks, information loss and the misuse of sensitive information.

In order to secure data and protect sensitive information, docTrackr takes a unique proactive and reactive approach to document control. docTrackr’s solution enables users to first encrypt, and when needed remotely destroy a document with one click, regardless of where it resides.

Prevent Data Loss

To prevent data loss users can proactively secure and limit access to important spreadsheets and presentations. docTrackr’s encryption coupled with real-time access notifications enable users to identify improper access or shares to insecure locations. With actionable insights, you can quickly disable access to documents to prevent any loss, misuse or sharing.

At docTrackr, we want you to feel right about your documents and we want to make it easy to do that. You shouldn’t have to fight with a complicated interface either, to know your documents are safe. Consider docTrackr a friend who safeguards your files and ensures their safety.

terminate button

Flexible Document Termination

docTrackr gives you the flexibility and power to set termination dates or manually disable documents, with one click. Users also have the option to easily re-enable access to a file. With added flexibility you can revoke access to time sensitive proposals and contracts to ensure documents remain current and relevant.

Secure Document Collaboration

docTrackr’s encryption, notifications and flexible remote disable feature give you peace of mind. When you collaborate with email or on cloud-based platforms, the chance of data leaks and document loss grows exponentially. However, with docTrackr you can feel confident using the tools you’re comfortable with and still have full document control. For example, docTrackr for Gmail enables users to secure attachments and remotely disable them at any time. docTrackr’s web application enables users to track usage and share application collaborate on spreadsheets in Box or presentations in SharePoint with the ability to set termination dates and revoke permissions.