Legal documents contain sensitive, often proprietary information that’s at risk for theft or misuse as it is shared across devices and networks. Securing and maintaining control of sensitive legal documents is paramount to limit liability, uphold client confidentially and ensure information is not lost or stolen.docTrackr provides the security, tracking and control required to effectively share and manage legal documents, wherever they are.

Enforce Security on Shared Documents

Ensure the rules governing data usage defined by your organization are upheld with docTrackr. Track, manage and enforce security on sensitive contracts, memos, client forms and tax information. Draw on full audit reports and document usage histories to ensure documents are handled properly. If needed, determine who can and cannot access documents, instantly revoke access, ensuring client data is secure.

A Technology IT and Lawyers Both Love

Many technical integrations can be costly and require a heavy IT investment. With docTrackr, you can apply enterprise level data encryption, security and control without draining internal IT or employee resources.

More than ever, legal documents are accessed across mobile devices and in personal cloud services. Use our out of the box integrations to secure client documents, contracts and legal briefs that are shared over email. With docTrackr, you can secure legal documents in SharePoint or cloud-based file sharing solutions you already use. Stay secure and protect firm documents, without the headaches of managing more software.


Secure Sensitive Legal Correspondence

Email is an excellent way to collaborate and share important documents with clients, especially if you need a legal document signed or verified in a hurry. The problem is, when you hit send, you’re giving up control over an attachment that might contain sensitive client information.

Secure correspondence with clients over email. Protect email attachments and secure sensitive financial or legal documents so they can only be opened by the right recipients. Employ docTrackr for Gmail to prevent data loss and maintain client confidentiality. docTrackr takes the risk out of file sharing over email.

“Using docTrackr, you can securely share documents with clients. This web-based solution encrypts the documents before you send them and allows you to set permissions regarding who can access, view, print, forward, and edit the document.