Intellectual property (IP) is intangible proprietary information, be it designs, legal documentation, or patents. IP is in many cases more valuable than hard assets, that’s why it is critical that companies protect their Intellectual property from loss or misuse.

With docTrackr, users can see when your designs, copyrighted materials or patents were accessed and by whom, so your proprietary data stays secure, wherever it goes, whether it is shared by employees or clients.

Intellectual Property

Secure Information from Employee Theft

Organizations that rely on proprietary designs or processes must ensure these documents are protected from employee error or misuse. Define who can access each piece of data with docTrackr’s permissions management tools. Intellectual property owners can specify who can access documents, and limit users to view only permissions, so they cannot print or copy sensitive data.

Full Audit Logs and Tracking

docTrackr was created by people who value privacy. We built docTrackr to make sure you control your documents, you make choices about who can use it, and that you have complete ownership of your files.

Ensure company policies are enforced with docTrackr’s digital rights management technology. docTrackr’s audit logs let you determine whether your important designs, legal documents and patents are being used properly over time. Administrators can access a complete log of all actions employees and clients have taken on sensitive intellectual property.