Powerful Document Analytics and Notifications

docTrackr’s robust analytics suite provides greater visibility into the life of shared documents. The ability to track and analyze document activity provides a powerful insights required to maintain control of your documents. Our location-based analytics will tell you where your document is being shared, opened or printed.

Determine who attempts to access to confidential financial information, so you can be proactive and revoke access to it. Make split second security decisions as you drill down and view document activity in individual countries and by specific events taken on your documents.

Track opens

Track Document Opens

docTrackr tracks when documents have been opened, so you’ll know where, when and who opened presentations or product sheets. With the ability to track file access you can also determine how long a file was opened. With document insights you can gauge the interest and effectiveness of your sales documents and marketing materials.

document prints

Monitor Document Prints

Once a document is printed, it’s practically impossible to track who will read, duplicate or disseminate its contents. Without visibility into document prints you can quickly lose control of important information. To help prevent data loss, with docTrackr you can limit and monitor the creation of hard copies. You’ll also be notified when and where a sensitive financial or legal documents were printed and can determine what, if any reactive actions are necessary.

document shares

Manage Document Shares

To ensure data is not shared with the wrong people, track when a user shares one of your documents with another user. Get an alert when an administrator shares marketing materials or product presentations to clients or co-workers. With docTrackr, you’ll know who distributes and shares your sensitive documents to new recipients. This level of insight enables you to identify and prevent documents from being shared too widely

user activity

Gauge User Activity

Understand who engages most with your documents, and those that are ignore the materials you sent. Prospects who interact with your promotional materials at a greater frequency are more likely to convert into customers. With docTrackr you can to measure prospect interaction with sales and marketing materials and then focus your efforts on the most engaged leads.

Stay Informed with Timely Notifications

Get Daily Updates

Receive a daily snapshot of document usage in your inbox. With a daily email you’ll be informed as to which documents are being accessed most and by whom. Access notifications provide the insights needed to ensure sensitive documents are being handled properly or if additional security actions are necessary. Send time sensitive reports, proposals, or invoices to customers with the confidence you will be alerted when they are opened.

Alert Notifications

docTrackr’s alert notifications enable you to select individual documents and receive individual updates on activities. These notifications are delivered directly to your inbox. Stay informed when an important document, like a financial document, is accessed. Monitor document actions in real time and track when a user opens, prints or fails to open your document.

Receive Failed Access Notifications

Enable this alert and receive real time notifications when a user fails to open your document. docTrackr’s failed access notifications enable you to see when an unauthorized person tried to open company intellectual property, financial data or personal correspondence, so you can revoke the document and ensure your data is secured.