In order to maintain security and control a document’s lifecycle, not all recipients should have equal access to files. With docTrackr you have the ability to define who can view, edit, copy and print documents. docTrackr’s permissions management tools enable you to securely collaborate on important research, financial data or legal documents. You can learn more about our Identity management features for enterprise here.

view permissions

View Only Permissions

With view only permissions, you can protect documents that contain intellectual property and product information from being edited or printed. These permissions settings enable you to collaborate with third parties on a sensitive materials without allowing them to alter or make digital copies of the document.

edit permissions

Edit Permissions

To enable controlled collaboration on PowerPoint presentations, define who can edit slides and who cannot. Manage and change permissions on your sales presentations to ensure your slide deck communicates the right message, and doesn’t include surprises from last minute changes

print permissions

View, Edit & Print Permissions

To allow full access to an Excel file that contains business forecasts you can apply view, edit and print permissions. Full permissions in docTrackr enables documents sharing but still keeps you in control. If a spreadsheet has been shared with an unauthorized recipient or becomes dated, you have the ability to revoke access and remotely destroy the document.