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Various companies of all shapes and forms are considering the integration of CRM, as such software enables a sales department to retain existing clients and attract new ones with little to no effort. It is worth noticing that settling on a certain CRM solution is quite difficult, as the market for automation is oversaturated with CRM systems that are equipped with somewhat similar automation tools. However, bpm’online is CRM vendor that truly stands out and has established itself on the international IT market as a premium provider of cloud based CRMs

The Popularity of Cloud based CRMs

CRM in cloud is widely recognized for its ease of use, as it has a lot of automation tools to automate the tiniest aspect of each business process in your company. However, what really makes CRM in cloud dazzle is that this solution will not break your bank, as small startups and huge enterprises will be able to afford it. That is why, SaaS model is more preferable among small and medium enterprises in big cities where competition for a client is so high. Moreover, cloud solution is able to increase the productivity of all the departments in your company that deal with customers, reducing expenses on the IT infrastructure.

There is a reasonable argument as to why any forward-thinking business owner should deploy CRM in cloud. First of all, you save a lot of money, as you do not have to buy your own servers. Also, you save on fixed charges on CRM’s maintenance and  software update. The software handles these tasks with little to no effort:

  • Secure data backup
  • Implementation of trouble-free performance of the system 24/7
  • Complete integration with any required applications
  • Cost-effective employees’ training

Cloud SaaS solutions make it possible to pay only for these services, which you use. If you feel that you need additional functions of CRM in cloud or, on the contrary, some modules are not required, you can contact your provider, bpm’online for instance, and they will customize the cloud software to meet your expectations and specific requirements.

Business Processes Automation with CRM in Cloud

Progressive CRM in cloud developed by bpm’online offers fine solutions for all business processes automation.

Prospecting and customer acquisition

The system his armed with tools for marketing automation, lead management and lead nurturing. This cloud software automatically records and transfers leads from your website or email lists, creates a new contact after each new incoming call from a potential client.

Prospecting and customer acquisition

Sales management

With a top notch CRM in cloud, you can have a comprehensive view on a sales funnel – see how many deals are being processed at a particular time, what particular stages your leads are at and so forth. You can also track what commercial proposals are being developed right now for specific customers or a targeted audience and how many contracts have been successfully signed. With this tool, you can easily estimate productivity of every sales representative and a team overall.

Loyalty management

CRM in cloud helps your business establish an emotional connection with your customers and understand your clients’ desires properly by developing the most successful strategy of communication with each client via a prioritized communication channel.

Finance control

CRM in cloud manages to control information on the entirety of financial operation in your company. The system also provides close monitoring on all payments, funds and accounts. This cloud technology effortlessly provides calculation of employees’ wages, bonuses and fines and deals with the tasks of financial analysis and budget planning.

Customer’s management

In this module, CRM in cloud keeps records of all customers, who made orders in your company and stores total history of communication with them (correspondence, chatting, calling, contracts signed and refused, and transactions). The system automatically segments the clients in accordance with their profitability and financial activity so that your reps can easily focus on them.

The main purpose of bpm’online CRM in cloud is clients capture and total automation of all business processes with the aim of increased sales. The cloud solution helps you adopt decisions during commercial proposals, forecasts effectiveness of marketing campaigns and develops individual approaches to communication with every client, partner or targeted group.

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