docTrackr for SharePoint DRM

docTrackr’s integration with Microsoft SharePoint ensures content is secure when it leaves SharePoint. Add DRM to sensitive legal documents, financial spreadsheets, marketing or sales proposals, all with a simple integration that won’t interrupt your workflow.

permission controls

Retain Full Control

docTrackr enforces the permissions you set in and out of SharePoint – no matter where the document resides. Access to documents can be revoked at anytime even if stored on an external USB drive, the users desktop or in e-mail.

plug and play

Plug and Play Security

Installing docTrackr security for SharePoint is easy. The application is a small component that runs on SharePoint and automatically encrypts documents when they are downloaded; no software installation is necessary. End users consume documents with Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office. Compliance and security policies you set in SharePoint travel with the document, this ensures full control and trace-ability of your documents as they are accessed by collaborators. More on the integration contact us.

real time authorizaton

Real Time Authorization

When a user wishes to collaborate on a sensitive legal or financial document, their access rights are checked against SharePoint permissions in real time. This ensures that all security policies are up to date. When users change permissions in SharePoint, permissions on documents shared with third parties will also be changed.

See the docTrackr for SharePoint Data Sheet.

Integrated Authentication

docTrackr makes it easy for your employees and collaborators to work on sensitive legal, financial or other business documents using the credentials already provided by your organization. docTrackr supports Single Sign On with Active Directory for your cloud identity provider. There is no separate account for docTrackr, end users just enter corporate credentials.

Zero Configuration

docTrackr is tightly integrated with SharePoint, and does not interfere with the SharePoint experience. Security is applied automatically whenever a user edits or downloads a document from a protected library.