Cryptography Applied to DRM

docTrackr’s unique security solution overcomes last-mile challenges to enable document security and control, regardless of where documents are stored. docTrackr uses robust security mechanisms including dynamic access management and a patent pending Digital Rights Management (DRM) system coupled with strong symmetric AES encryption.

With docTrackr, users can proactively and re-actively control who can view confidential documents. The added level of control helps to prevent data loss and ensure your documents are secure with industry standard encryption technologies.

To provide additional document control, users can manage permissions policies on Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files, after they have been shared. Our advanced DRM technology empowers you to encrypt, set access levels and remotely update document security settings and access permissions.


Powerful Encryption and Authentication

Employ Unique Encryption Keys

docTrackr provides unique encryption keys for every document. These access keys are distributed to individual users over a secured channel. Each key is specific, so if an encryption key is compromised, a user cannot use the key to access multiple documents. This makes each document unique from a security perspective. Read more on our security architecture page.


Authentication Protocols

Add industrial strength authentication to every document so files cannot be compromised. Key delivery and authentication are ensured by Adobe and Microsoft. Both technologies are embedded within Adobe Acrobat, PDF Reader and Microsoft Office file formats.

private public security

Private/Public Security

Decide when you want to protect company financial data, legal and other business documents. In addition to dynamically changing view, print, or edit permissions, users can choose whether files should be limited to specified recipients, or accessible to anyone. Publicly accessible documents can be shared and opened by anyone, but can still be tracked and destroyed.

Enterprise Strength DRM that Integrates Easily

Single Sign On Enabled

docTrackr has a flexible authentication scheme, and works with any SAML SSO provider. Active directory integrations from leading cloud identity management solutions such as Okta can help any enterprise use their identities with docTrackr.

Zero End User Training

Enjoy high-level security without interrupting your workflow. Employees don’t have to convert files or adopt a new document type to achieve security, this means your company can both save money and improve security. docTrackr’s enterprise solutions take little time to set up, and employ easy to use interfaces, so employees won’t need additional training.

Custom Integrations For Greater Security

Employ custom security solutions to stay compliant and protect sensitive legal, and financial documents when they leave the enterprise. docTrackr is a cloud based solution that works in a hybrid or full on premise scenario. docTrackr has flexible authorization schemes and integrates with custom permission models.

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