docTrackr for Gmail helps meet document security and email privacy concerns head-on. Our robust and easy-to-use Chrome extension secures PDF email attachments right in your Google inbox. The seamless integration encrypts your attached files so that only people you choose can access your document. Further, you can easily track document opens and revoke access at any time.

The growth of email and cloud storage tools make it easy to share documents that contain sensitive information. However, with convenience comes risk. Email attachments are accessed by multiple people on various devices, and over unsecured networks. docTrackr for Gmail empowers you to prevent data leaks, content theft, and regain control of your documents.

Chrome Extension for Gmail Adds Privacy

docTrackr’s free Chrome extension allows users to encrypt attachments and set access permissionsto PDF files within Gmail. With docTrackr’s Gmail extension, users regain control over shared documents, enabling them define who can read or edit shared files. docTrackr’s unique solution also provides the ultimate security feature; the power to remotely destroy attachments after they’ve been sent, regardless of location.

Encrypt Gmail Attachments – Not Even Google Can Read Them!

docTrackr for Gmail encrypts attachments in your inbox to protect your documents from unintended access. Our dynamic access management and Digital Rights Management (DRM) system coupled with bank-level encryption ensure your Gmail attachments are inaccessible to those without permissions you set. Even if your documents fall into the wrong hands, the sensitive data contained within them remains private and protected.

Control Documents After You Send


Track Gmail Attachments

Track attachments sent in Gmail from your document dashboard to see where, when and by whom your attachment was opened. Sales documents and client materials can be monitored, so you can determine when they are opened at a specific time and place. docTrackr enables you to track your attachments to the right recipient, and make sure documents are secured along the way.

Monitor Attachment Usage

To help keep you in control of documents, docTrackr sends emails to notify you of file access and activity. Get informed when an important sales proposal or personal record was opened by its recipient. If it is determined that a document was accessed or shared in an unauthorized manner, you can easily revoke access or change permissions at any time.

Secure Google Apps


Secure Google AppsSecurity Right in Your Google Inbox

With docTrackr for Gmail, you can secure documents right from your inbox. Integrating docTrackr for Gmail into your workflow is easy. Just press the secure attachment icon and upload documents as usual. Attachments will be secured and our powerful tracking and management technology will travel wherever your document goes.

The docTrackr’s document security solution for Gmail is currently available for Chrome browsers. To receive notifications on product and feature updates please contact us.